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Session information


“Best money I have ever invested. Thanks.” J.B. ( See testimonials for full quote.)

The number of sessions required varies depending on the goals and issues that are present for you during initial case history taking.

    • The initial appointment cost is £85 for 90 minutes, which allows for having a thorough chat about what is going on for you. This session ensures that I understand you, what you want to acheive and that future hypnotherapy is appropriately tailored to you. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes long and normally part of a programme of sessions. The programme, which you commit to, is designed appropriately to give you best results. Each 60 minute session within a programme works out at £65.00 each.
    • I also offer the opportunity to meet me first and for more information if you would prefer this first.
    • Pre-session planning is a part of all fees charged. This includes writing and preparing scripts and suggestions, which is essential work to help you reach your goal and give you maximum gain. Time is also spent writing up your notes after each session.
    • Gastic band hypnosis is offered for those who it is deemed appropriate during a hypnotherapy weight management programme, and is optional.
    • Private HypnoBirthing classes for a pregnant woman and her birth partner. 4 x 2 / 2.5 hour classes. £380.00. Alternatively, individual sessions priced as standard sessions are available.

At The Power of Your Mind, Amy is transparent about the number of sessions recommended. This is discussed during session one after the in-depth case history is taken. Occasionally it may be suggested to increase the quantity of sessions if further goals or issues arise throughout your hypnotherapy sessions. Ultimately you decide the number of sessions and whether you would like more or less.

What happens during a session?


When you arrive at your booked appointment time I will welcome you and take you to the treatment room. (If you are early and I don’t answer the door it may be because I am with another client.) The room is a calm, relaxing space with comfortable chairs. I provide drinking water and there is a toilet for your convenience.


When you are settled the first 50 – 70 minutes are spent taking a detailed case history. I will ask you many questions about your past and present to find out what makes you who you are. I want to understand you and the things that affect you, your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviours. The goal, or goals, for the hypnotherapy focus will be agreed. The therapy is always tailored to your individual requirements; there is no one size fits all.


I often discuss some practical techniques for dealing with the presenting issue. Hypnosis will be discussed and carefully explained. Finally there will be  20 – 40 minutes of hypnosis with appropriate suggestions for you based on your goals. I sometimes record the hypnosis, wth your agreement, and then email it to you for you to listen to going forward. A date for the next session, if appropriate, will be agreed. There is usually hypnosis at every session though on occasion it may be of benefit to talk for the session, without a formal hypnotherapy session. All therapy is confidential except for a few circumstances where I must share information see FAQs).

After the session

I often provide ‘homework’. It is important to spend the time doing it as it is an important part of acheiving your goals. The clients that have the most dramatic change are those that commit in all ways to the therapy.

See Terms and conditions for further information.

“Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” Lewis Hamilton

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