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Category: Weight loss

5 more weight management tips for a new you

Simple changes for weight management this new year – part 2. ( See part 1 first.) Here are 5 more tips to start your weight loss journey ( maybe even another 5 to come in February): What have you discovered about you inner voice? Write…

Weight management through change not chance

Weight loss is the biggest New Year’s resolution. So how are you going to make sure the weight drops off this 2017 and importantly that it is maintained? Is it going to be about chance?  Or is going to be through proper change? Simple changes…

What have you got to lose?

Easter with all those beautiful foil wrapped eggs and chocolate goodies can be a time for over indulgence. Go on, admit it, you sneaked a bit of your children’s Smartie egg when they weren’t looking, I know I did – Shhhh, or perhaps you bought…