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  • The Power of Your Mind Hypnotherapy

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You can have a positive birth

Hypnotherapy classes for Positivity and Relaxation

The Mind Retreat’s ‘Hypnosis for Positivity and Relaxation classes’ will restart on Tuesday lunchtimes. Hooray! Give your mind an hour of relaxation and calm; a time for you to unwind, release negativity, increase energy and build confidence and self belief, just like you deserve.  The…

What have you got to lose?

Easter with all those beautiful foil wrapped eggs and chocolate goodies can be a time for over indulgence. Go on, admit it, you sneaked a bit of your children’s Smartie egg when they weren’t looking, I know I did – Shhhh, or perhaps you bought…

Today I Had a Filling While Hypnotised

Today my family and I joined a new dentist. One of my teeth had a small surface hole with, according to my dentist, ‘some unsupported surrounding enamel’ which meant there was a bigger hole below and I needed a filling. I don’t mind the dentist…