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The thrill of stepping outside of your comfort zone

My comfort zone was comfortable, as the name suggests and as you would want. I quite liked it there. But recently I had an epiphany. It has been good. I have embraced some challenges that over the last 10 years I would have previously opted out of. Before children (BC) I did lots of adrenalin fuelled stuff, some prior to meeting my husband and some since, but hardly any since the kids were born.

By accidentally entering my comfort zone, where I had been for a while, it meant I got enjoyment from watching my children having fun. I remember watching my eldest enjoying pond dipping when he was about 4, doing it by himself; committed to finding pond snails and a newt. Of course there is something wonderful about watching your children have fun; exploring enthusiastically and learning about the world. Mine do enthusiasm well. But what seemed to happen without me noticing was that I stopped having experiences for myself and got my enjoyment through them; vicarious fun. I have since noticed this everywhere, kids do stuff, parents watch.

When they where first born I had little time, or energy, for external activites and my priorities were different. Then I was supporting my boys, helping them to learn new skills and then being at their side encoouraging their independence as they grew. I was happy with that. Now they like to go off and do things for themselves ( if I let them) and even though I still get enjoyment from watching them do things I feel they need me less and less.

There have been lots of times where my husband has done activities they desire with them, like off road biking (this REALLY is not my thing) or somersault diving on holiday. Instead I might have sunbathed on the pool side while filming them with my phone.

This summer things have been different, the kids are older, braver, bolder and even though I will still stand on the sidelines cheering their team on during a match I am no longer going to be sidelined through my own decision not to be a part of their activites. I have realised I was in danger of being separated from the other 3/4 of my family if I wasn’t careful. It was time to make a change.P1110619

So, I have done at least 5 things this summer that are out of my comfort zone, time to bring out my inner child and join the kids, and my husband. This is what I have done – wahey!

  1. Laser questing: I joined in with about 20 teenagers and kids, including my family, and while I, aka Poison Ivy, attacked my ‘enemies’ the other parents sat outside having coffee. I am now looking to organise a private 3 hour session one evening. Bring it on!.
  2. High wire walking in trees: Attached by a harness, in which I started off in a mental fog, I completely shocked myself as I made fairly light work of the whole activity.
  3. Swimming in the North Sea: Freezing is the word, lots of laughs as we all ran in screaming as it was so darn cold. It was a whole load of bonding fun catching the waves with body boards.
  4. A roller coaster: I used to love them when I was 20. This was a real biggy for me, I was so terrified. I have always felt like as soon as I birthed my children my nerve levels dropped to zero and my maternal protection instinct kicked in instead. The adrenalin rush felt so good I did it twice.
  5. Indoor skydiving: This was so different to anything I have ever done, even BC, but so very cool. Loved it Do it if you get a chance. Maybe I’ll even go for the real thing next time.

I feel exhilarated, I might even go off road biking.

I would love to know your experiences. Have you done more or less activity for yourself since your kids have been born? Why? Tell me about times when you have surprised yourself by doing something new or different.

Hypnosis can help you to come out of your comfort zone, take risks and overcome your fears. What would you like to do? Contact The Power of Your Mind for more information.



Wellness Fair, Forage Deli, Skipton.

PosterWellness Fair at Forage Deli Skipton, Tuesday 22nd September 6.30pm -10.00pm.

This is a relaxed evening with an opportunity to learn about different avenues for your well being. Come along to meet me and other local practitioners. I will be doing one or two relaxing hypnosis sessions during the evening ( included in the entry cost) and selling some HypnoBirthing books and CDs.

I am also excited that I will soon be offering monthly bookable group hypnosis sessions with The Healthy Lifestyle Studio, which has recently relocated to Brook Street in Skipton. Look out for more information soon.

August summer break for The Mind Retreat, Skipton

The Mind Retreat is taking a break throughout August. It will continue as usual on Tuesday 1st September with the Lunchtime Revival from 1-2pm upstairs at Forage Deli, Skipton. I look forward to seeing you there for an hour of calmness, positivity and relaxation, just for you. Your mind deserves a rest so put it in your diary today. Enjoy a great summer.

Mind Retreat Closure

Due to circumstances beyond my control Mind Retreat sessions will stop as of immediate affect. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. I will be looking into a new venue and will post any changes here.

What have you got to lose?

Easter with all those beautiful foil wrapped eggs and chocolate goodies can be a time for over indulgence. Go on, admit it, you sneaked a bit of your children’s Smartie egg when they weren’t looking, I know I did – Shhhh, or perhaps you bought a reduced one afterwards at the supermarket because it was just too good to resist.

Have you had your fill yet? Or maybe over eating doesn’t just happen at Easter.

Maybe you sneakily treat yourself, and if you do, who are you really kidding? Maybe you eat ‘just a little snack’ when you walk past the fridge. Maybe you have a tendancy to lick your plate clean no matter what. Maybe you’re a grazer, eating all the time, struggling to stop once you get started? Maybe stressful times seem a whole lot easier to deal with when your eating your favourite food.

Maybe you are wanting to change your eating habits for good? If you are commited to losing weight and you are prepared to plan, Hypnotherapy makes the possibility of losing weight twice as likely and you can lose twice as much. Even if you don’t believe in hypnotherapy it doesn’t matter, just your commitment needed. Sounds good? Give Amy Brown at in Skipton a call on 01756 699136 or 07846 376306. Personally tailored hypnotherapy sessions: £60 each for 75-90 minutes.

Today I Had a Filling While Hypnotised

Today my family and I joined a new dentist. One of my teeth had a small surface hole with, according to my dentist, ‘some unsupported surrounding enamel’ which meant there was a bigger hole below and I needed a filling. I don’t mind the dentist like some people. In fact, I used to prefer it to the hairdresser, it was that clean teeth feeling when you leave. I was asked what I usually did when I had a filling for pain relief. The last time I had oIMG_2217ne was over 15 years ago so I assumed I’d had an injection.

I asked to use self hypnosis.

I left the room while the rest of my family were checked. I sat in the waiting area and put myself into ‘the zone’ with my breathing. Within a couple of minutes my left hand was flipping back and forth; it does this when I’m hypnotised, one of various hypnotic phenomena that can occur.

I used a visualisation drawn from my subconscious to deepen my trance; travelling on a ski lift over a stunning powder snow covered mountain with fresh spring blue skies overhead. It was gorgeous. I then gave myself suggestions to numb my cheek, mouth and my hand. The hand was so I could transfer more numbness if I needed to.

I was called back in, I deepened the trance further, breathed even more slowly, explained the twitchy hand to the dentist and let her do her job. I could feel her fiddling about in there and, of course, I could here that drilling which I used to my benefit. I enjoyed my 10 minute floaty experience on the mountain (which was in fact 20 minutes).  But did I feel any pain? The answer is no, maybe a teeny bit depending on what pain is to you. Mostly nothing but there were a couple of moments when the feeling was similar to eating ice cream on a sensitive tooth.

The dentist told me that it was a much bigger job which was a surprise, to both me and her, and I had expected her to say the opposite. It was over before I knew it and was just fine.

Using hypnosis was far better than having a numb mouth for the rest of the morning and I would definitely do it again. Apart from one thing; my self hypnosis sessions are now going to include suggestions for more thorough dental hygiene so when I see my dentist again in September I’ll be leaving with a big smile on my face rather than a big filling in my tooth.

Amy Brown, The Power of Your Mind, Clinical Hypnotherapist in Yorshire


Is ‘You’re Back in the Room’ hypnotic tv?

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 13.33.00As a hypnotherapist I had to watch the new Saturday night ITV show ‘You’re Back in the Room.’ It’s created waves in the field of hypnotherapy. For those of you who don’t know the programme, presented by Phillip Schofield, it involves Keith Barry, a mentalist, as he likes to call himself, putting members of the audience into a deep trance. They then cavort about the set doing normal things in ridiculous ways to win money, all to the hilarity, or desperate sighs, of the viewers.

I was sceptical, of course. What will people think of hypnosis if they watch this? I believe stage hypnosis to be a valid use of hypnotism but it can cause myths about hypnosis to be branded about. People also confuse hypnosis for entertainment with hypnosis for therapeutic benefit, the field I work in. I sometimes get asked “ Are you going to make me cluck like a chicken?” to which I reply “based on what I know so far that doesn’t appear to be one of your goals but if you want that then I can.” They never do.

When hypnotised suggestions are given to your subconscious mind. The mind will reject ones that are not in line with what you want. I am not going to give inappropriate suggestions and neither would any decent qualified hypnotherapist. Suggestions given for entertainment purpose are, of course, different to those given if you want to relieve anxiety, stop smoking or play better golf, for example. It would be unethical of me to have you prancing around my therapy room acting like James Brown if it wouldn’t benefit you in making the changes that you have come to see me about. However for entertainment, when the contestants know full well that they are there to be silly, that is a different kettle of fish.

As I watched ‘You’re Back in the Room’ I found myself having a few laugh out loud moments due to the occasional slapstick nature but I was also frustrated at the programme fuelling the myths around hypnosis. Oh how I wish they wouldn’t use incorrect statements such as “thought you were in control of your mind? think again”. There is also talk in the media and on twitter etc. that ‘You’re Back in the Room’ is morally wrong and that they use actors and and not hypnotised contestants at all. So let’s get a few things straight here.

  • Hypnotic entertainers will always choose the most susceptible members of the audience for the show. Why wouldn’t they? They want maximum entertainment.
  • Only the members of the audience who want to be hypnotised will be. You can always resist. If you have ever watched a live hypnotic show, felt yourself ‘going under’ only to then pull yourself back out then you’ll know what I am talking about. Some people do not want to go on stage and act the fool while others see it as a bit of fun even if they wouldn’t normally do it. As contestant, Stephen, 41 from Hertfordshire, explained at the end of the first episode “I came for fun and laughter and the money was a bonus”.
  • You remain in control during hypnosis and you won’t do anything that is against your morals. Married contestant Kate was hypnotised to believe she was in love with Phillip Schofield and he loved her. However despite appearing besotted she only kissed him on the cheek, perhaps her morals are that she would consider anything beyond this as cheating.
  • It is NOT sleep. We do go into trance states each and every day including just before we fall asleep at night and just before we wake up each day, and in this state we are more susceptible, but sleep is not hypnosis.The hypnotic trance is a natural state of our minds. Around 90% of the population are hypnotisable, with intelligent, imaginative individuals being more responsive. Given all this and that all hypnosis comes from ourselves there is absolutely no need to bring in actors. This belief is simply a lack of understanding of hypnosis.

Whether I am hypnotherapist or not, this show is really not my cup of tea, it’s a bit like watching holiday resort entertainment; cheap laughs and not a lot of substance. I can’t see this programme lasting very long on prime time tv. However, I still think there is a place for stage hypnosis alongside hypnotherapy. I’d love to know what you think of ‘You’re Back in the Room’ and if you have any more questions about hypnotherapy for positive change then contact me, Amy Brown, at Thank you for reading.

The Power of Your Mind is a private hypnotherapy practice based in Skipton, Yorkshire.

That freaky dress. And our amazing brains.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 16.32.01

This dress has been making waves across the net. Is it black and blue? Is it gold and white? What on earth is happening here? Well if you were to buy this dress, it would actually be blue and black ( though it is probaby sold out by now ).

Now, I really thought this was a hoax or maybe even a con. I even checked the date! That was until I asked my husband the colour and he said dark grey and blue. Woah! Now for me it was gold and white, and I say was because it then changed to black and blue after I had looked at the actual dress. All a bit freaky to be honest.

So why does this happen? Our brains are complex, clever things and, when we see, our brains adjust the information they receive to allow for colour changes that occur because of surrounding light factors, such as the sun shining or a light bulb. It does this automatically, unlike our cameras which need to be told what type of light they are seeing. You can test this by changing the colour balance on your camera or phone. We have rods and cones in our eyes that allow us to see different colours and we all have different amounts of rods and cones. Our brain either removes the blue tint allowing us to see gold and white or it removes the gold and we see black and blue. has a more detailed explanation here and when I scrolled this article that original image of the dress, the one that sent it viral, kept changing colour for me.

And if you want to know a little more about how we learn to decipher colour watch this video, the latter half explains differences between how Westerners and the Himba tribe in Namibia see colour. Can you see the different colour here? The Himba tribe spot it in a breath. Most Westerners take their time to find it and if you see it quickly you probably work with colour in some capacity, maybe you’re a designer or an artist.Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 16.37.55

The weird thing is that we actual do not know how other people see or perceive colour. I am assuming that there is some innate reason to know the subtle differences of these greens if you are in The Himba. As a mother of a mildly colour blind son we have had a number of conversations trying to decipher what he can see. Recently his friend spent some time trying to establish what my son could see and even teaching him by showing him an array of objects, telling him the colour and then asking him what he could see. Of course, my son said the same as his friend. This however did not clarify anything for anyone. As Michael Stevens explains this inability to be able to explain something that we experience is called Qualia, great word qualia. I can never know what you see and you’ll never know what I see. I would love to know how my son sees the world. And that is the freaky thing about that dress. We just can’t explain to others what we are seeing so we end up quarrelling and trying to prove we are right. In fact we are all correct!


A Day to Remember in Silsden, raising funds for Bradford Burns Unit


Saturday May 9th, 11.00am, in Silsden, will be A Day to Remember. The family day of fun and games along with a football match and a live band aims to raise as much money as possible for Bradford Burns Unit. On May 11th it will be 30 years since the tragedy of the Bradford City fire and as we remember the 56 we can all help to raise money by attending this fabulous day. Come along, tell your friends and support anyway you can. To find out more about this special day go to A Day to Remember’s Facebook event page. Let’s spread the word. I am supporting ‘A Day to Remember’ by donating a prize of two free hypnotherapy sessions here at The Power of Your Mind.